What's with the name "BlackBox"? You might be wondering. Well, the definition goes something like this,
"Any complex piece of equipment, typically a unit in an electronic system, with contents that are mysterious to the user".

Errm.. Well that's not the case here. I chose the name just because I found the word interesting (lol) and also the fact that it could be related to many terms when it comes to programming approaches.

I created this as a personal blog for sharing my portfolio and ideas.
Since I call it a BlackBox, as time pass by, you can find certain tricks and gimmicks which can make the life of a 3d artist less annoying. 

Who am I ?
Vaishak Purushothaman. Working as a Rigging/Pipeline Technical Director for computer graphics in film, TV series , games and other visual media. I'm passionate about dealing with computer graphics that deliver a visual treat. Besides that, I develop tools which will ensure a faster and reliable workflow.

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