Bifrost compound study

I was trying to wrap my head around Visual Programming concepts of Bifrost Graph. Ended up making a basic compound inorder to understand "visual loops". The video below demonstrates a basic proximity based deformation trigger. Bifrost Graph in Maya is... Continue Reading →

Cython in Maya 2018 (Windows)

Some of us might have encountered a situation where you have to distribute a Python tool which you have made, but you don't prefer the source code to be open to anyone(for whatever reason it is), or you think a... Continue Reading →

Stretchy LookAt node in Maya

This isn't something I'm really proud to post here since it takes only couple of hours to build such a node. Anyway, let me explain what it does and why it is made. First of all, this node is just... Continue Reading →

Angle Extractor in Maya

I have been going through tough time of my life followed by a near fatal accident. It's been a while since I last did some personal work. So this is my first attempt to do something after all the stress... Continue Reading →

Shotgun media batch downloader

A tiny utility for media batch downloading from Shotgun. Looks kinda silly, but can be very helpful for Production Managers to keep a local copy of the media which are uploaded in Shotgun. This is made using PySide.  ... Continue Reading →

Character Picker in Maya

I have been working on a Character/ Control Picker lately. I faced several problems while building the framework. Actual interface part was rather simpler comparing to the framework which drives it.  I thought it would be of some help or... Continue Reading →

Application launcher using Qt

A simple application launcher for Animation Studio pipeline made with PySide - Qt. Highly customized interface Auto drive mappings Project directory management with bunch of ease of use tools Directory manager with excel sheet export and import support for batch creation... Continue Reading →

Qt features in native Maya UI

Deploying Qt based application is quite easy and flexible according to our needs. When it comes to an animation studio, there will be lots of legacy tools used inside maya. Sometimes it is better to add a few features and... Continue Reading →

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