I have been going through tough time of my life followed by a near fatal accident. It’s been a while since I last did some personal work. So this is my first attempt to do something after all the stress and struggles. 

I was working with Vanilla Maya nodes based angle extractor for quite sometime now. But, it relied mostly on some basic vector calculations and thus cluttered the nodeEditor/hypergraph view with tons of nodes. It is about time to show crucifix to my fear of Quaternions. Hence, here it is. I have made an angle extractor plugin in C++. Oh wait, why do I call it Angle Extractor? To be honest, I just wanted a name to stamp on it. Besides, it does make sense since the plugin is isolating Yaw, Pitch and Roll from the transformation matrix using Quaternions.

Here is a short demonstration of what it does,

I have added a sweep360 option to it so that the angles are represented in 0-360 range instead of 0-(180) & 0-(-180). However, I don’t really see a point of having this full sweep represention as long as I dont cache the rotations and find the direction of rotation. Perhaps, worth considering for another blog post. 

Thank you for your time.